Obstacle Challenge

What is an “Obstacle Challenge”

Eight to ten obstacles which could include but not limited to- bridge, ball, tarp, dragging an object, car wash, noodle squeeze, mailbox, flags, teeter totter, carry an item, gate. All obstacles performed at walk.
Horsemanship maneuvers could include- halt, sideways, backing, hind/forequarter yields, mount and/or dis-mount. Riding patterns such as a Figure 8 or Weave may be asked to jog/trot.

Must wear hardhat and have safe footwear/boot with heel.

Ribbons awarded by a percentage scoring system.
Ribbons awarded as follows: Blue – 88% and up; Red – 80%- 87%; Yellow – 70%- 79%; White – 60%- 69%
Each obstacle will be worth 10 points. You will receive a score sheet for each round.

How is it Judged?
You and your horse are judged on how well you complete the obstacle, and on the ablity to perform certain manuvers. For more infomation see: JudgingCriteria, the Judges Guide and the example Judges Card.

What might an obstacle map look like?
Here is an example of what the challenge might look like.