Winter Challenge 2023

Everybody needs a little support and motivation during the winter months.

Join us for a Chase Away the Blues Winter Challenge.
Let us inspire you to stay motivated and connected with your horse.
Let us hold space for you to stay focused, and share wins, and lift each other up.

For the next five weeks, find motivation, accountability, and community to stay interactive with your horse. Earn a beautiful rosette designed for this challenge!!

From January 1 to February 5th, you will complete fifteen interactions with your horse which move you towards your personal goals and dreams.

We will provide suggestions for interactive work, everything counts! Bodywork/grooming, groundwork, in-hand work, hand walking, riding, liberty work, trail riding, patterns, longlining/driving. If you are connected to your horse with purpose and intention, it counts!!

Join our private facebook group to share your progress and motivate others. We will add content to give you ideas.

Here is the link- Greenview Farm Chase Away the Blues Winter Challenge

If the weather gets bad, we will toss out some hippology questions for you to mull over when you just can’t get to the barn. You can use that as an interaction as well!

At the end of the challenge email your journal to by Feb 5th. We are using the honor system. You are not being judged on your work. We are simply holding space for you to achieve. We just want to see that you marked the space and celebrate your wins!

This is our first time trying this out, we don’t know where it might go, but we do know it will be fun. You will set intentions, learn new things, and chase away the blues!! A beautiful rosette will be headed your way!!

This challenge is limited to 25 participants.

Cost to participate $40

See sign up to down load files for related paperwork

Click here to Sign up!

Save the Date for Future Challenges- Feb 13th- 5 weeks,   March 27th- 5 weeks